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Furry rp(closed)

Furry rp(closed)

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None102 By None102 Updated Dec 19, 2016

I remade it. Make a form!

(Raven get off my book)

_Kawaii_Lil_Girl_ _Kawaii_Lil_Girl_ Nov 04, 2016
                              Blue dark hair , blue sky eyes 
                              Kind , caring , active , fun , friendly
                              Singing , dancing , skating , playing basket ball , cute boys 
                              ( Is smut allowed ? )
EFaithWolf EFaithWolf Dec 23, 2016
Harley Queen
                              Queen of Aces
                              Timber Wolf
                              In link
                              She's a sweet girl and a bit of flirty.Funny and nice but can be sassy If someone disrespects her. she also crazy
                              When people hurt someone or party poppers
Name: Merrick Wood
                              Gender: Male
                              Species: Husky
                              Age: 18
                              Height: 7'6
                              Personality: Kind, Caring
                              Likes: Food, Art, Friends
                              Dislikes: Bullies, Fire
                              Looks: Grey fur, Blue eyes, Black T-Shirt, Red hoodie, Blue jeans
Rubyh0wll Rubyh0wll Dec 24, 2016
Name: Alex Iornwolf.
                              Nick name: ally.
                              Gender: female.
                              species: wolf.
                              Looks: in link.
                              Likes: nice people, singing, and walks in the woods.
                              dislikes: people being mean to her, people who are mean to others.
                              other: has a dark side and a dark past.
Spirit1001 Spirit1001 Feb 12
Name: Mia Sunwibg
                              Gender: female 
                              Species: dog 
                              Age: 17 
                              Height: 4'7 
                              Personality: sarcastic, funny, gentle
                              Likes: Reading, playing pranks of friends, parties 
                              Dislikes: bullies, green foods
CastroHelenski CastroHelenski Dec 30, 2016
Name: Isaac Rod
                              Species: Black and Red Wolf
                              Age: 17
                              Height: 5'8
                              Personality:Extremely Caring, Protective, Happy
                              Likes: Talking and Playing
                              Dislikes: Annoying things