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This story is more about a psychopath than about BDSM, real relationship in that lifestyle usually look nothing like what you are about to read and if you find a lot of similarities between your life and the first half of the story you are probably in an abusive relationship and should break it off or reach for help

I have a lot of respect for the BDSM lifestyle and have no intention of offending anyone, if you are looking for a truthful description of that lifestyle you probably shouldn't read ahead

That being said, I hope if you'll choose to read my story you'll enjoy the plot


@CupHugger you never said How this boy got to this guys house? Why is he there
It's interesting and want to if we find out how he got to be owned
Freakishlyweird01 Freakishlyweird01 Oct 04, 2015
Write your name in the note pad I'd write information about myself in case he would beat me so hard I'd get amnesia
callmelarry17 callmelarry17 Aug 08, 2015
Btw if you are here for the plot. It is amazing! Seriously though. Check it out!
gnomesgoatsandquails gnomesgoatsandquails Jun 16, 2015
I noticed a few punctuation errors, but other than that you were perfectly fine and I really enjoyed the chapter. I hope 20 will get a grip on controlling himself and learn to embrace the gay.
frostcure frostcure May 23, 2015
just like how some people are born gay other people are born straight. I tried doing stuff with a girl and it just didn't interest me. I like these stories, but that doesn't mean I am/want to be gay.