Fire And Ice Not Very Nice(FAINVN)

Fire And Ice Not Very Nice(FAINVN)

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#10 (29.11.16)

Ever wanted a supernatural hot boyfriend?
Ever wanted to suddenly discover you had powers?

Wanted your parents to say 'oh honey! Your life so far is all a facade to protect are not who you are projected as.You are an amazing supernatural being we've been protecting?'

HAHA....welcome to my world people..let's start the party -_-..what if it is true?..let's jump into it and find out?

"So tell me."

"Tell you what?"

"What color is my eye when I heal you?"

"Ice blue" three of them said in a unison

Warning: this is my first book and I am writing it all in a hurry, please do overlook small grammatical mistakes, the writing is quite immature and will need patience till the end.

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