The Piano Knows Something I Don't Know ☆ Frerard

The Piano Knows Something I Don't Know ☆ Frerard

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Ciah By DoctorGay Updated Dec 02, 2016

{Co-Written with GangsterDaddy}

Gerard is a dancer. 

He has been since he was very young. Ever since he attended his first class he knew that this was it, the thing he wanted to do, the thing he wanted to be good at. 

And fast forwarding to a few years later, Gerard is a nineteen year old, fresh out of high school and ready to spend the next few years dancing desperately in a dance academy, hoping to be noticed. 

Things, however, don't go as planned. 

It would be easier to concentrate on becoming a dancer if his roommate wasn't so charming..

If his teacher wasn't so good looking..

If his mental state wasn't deteriorating.

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Dude come on my friend and I had a war for a week of Hitler jokes
Deathsunny Deathsunny Oct 16
Someone really nice. His name is Frank Iero and he is hot and cute and super sweet
It's really weird but I do this too, when you're playing a piece from memory it's much easier to just let go and let your muscle memory take the lead, and if I start thinking about what comes next I'll mess up
                              is that...
                              MOM GET THE CAMERA
blossomryan blossomryan Oct 19
this is off ao3 so it was probably copy and pasted on here which explains the repetition baha
Isn’t that from Jay and Silent Bob...? I could be wrong :/