The Piano Knows Something I Don't Know ☆ Frerard

The Piano Knows Something I Don't Know ☆ Frerard

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Ciah By DoctorGay Updated Dec 02, 2016

{Co-Written with GangsterDaddy}

Gerard is a dancer. 

He has been since he was very young. Ever since he attended his first class he knew that this was it, the thing he wanted to do, the thing he wanted to be good at. 

And fast forwarding to a few years later, Gerard is a nineteen year old, fresh out of high school and ready to spend the next few years dancing desperately in a dance academy, hoping to be noticed. 

Things, however, don't go as planned. 

It would be easier to concentrate on becoming a dancer if his roommate wasn't so charming..

If his teacher wasn't so good looking..

If his mental state wasn't deteriorating.

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imbxed imbxed Jan 14
also just thought i'd share that one of my friends thinks that i'm a reincarnated natzi because i told him that my mom's side of the family is german
leletrash leletrash Jan 28
Ugh I used to dance but now I have no motivation to do that dream is dead :)
Get out of my face with that stuff. Get out pf my face with the lights.
I don’t know if I’d rather this be Hayley Williams or Hayley Kiyoko
imbxed imbxed Jan 14
i have a big forehead too and my friend calls me brendon because of it
imbxed imbxed Jan 14
brendon's hate is just a tad bit too strong to not be suspicious