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The Piano Knows Something I Don't Know ☆ Frerard

The Piano Knows Something I Don't Know ☆ Frerard

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☆ By DoctorGay Updated Dec 02, 2016

{Co-Written with GangsterDaddy}

[Cover by frankeniero-]

Gerard is a dancer. 

He has been since he was very young. Ever since he attended his first class he knew that this was it, the thing he wanted to do, the thing he wanted to be good at. 

And fast forwarding to a few years later, Gerard is a nineteen year old, fresh out of high school and ready to spend the next few years dancing desperately in a dance academy, hoping to be noticed. 

Things, however, don't go as planned. 

It would be easier to concentrate on becoming a dancer if his roommate wasn't so charming..

If his teacher wasn't so good looking..

If his mental state wasn't deteriorating.

tjitziee tjitziee May 05
I dont know what this is so imma just pretend i do for the rest of the book and maybe look it up somewhere in the future
ptvfrnkie ptvfrnkie Mar 15
*Vic appears* Haha no, I got this. *blares 'the part' in Bulls In The Bronx*
I've had many roommates before and they always don't like me :-/
I just imagined that all humans disassemble when they sleep and when they wake up all their limbs click back together again.... idk
One time a guy I had a crush on was partnering me, he didn't speak English and he was probs gay but he was sO HOT and I kicked him in the balls by accident  because his face and his hands on my waist distracted me.
                              Moral of the story is: don't do pas de deux with your crush
Men dancing is so attractive ugh you'd think it'd be embarrassing but when they're muscular and really feeling the music UGH