Project Hybrid

Project Hybrid

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Cosette Altair By shakespearian1 Completed

Seventeen-year-old Betrys Wilson is a werewolf, in the middle of a revolution that's bigger than she could imagine. 

She's dreamed about her Matching Ceremony and living happily ever after. Instead of getting her wish, she's paired with Athan Wellings. 

Athan is known to be many things, faithful isn't one of them. A heartbreaker, rogue, the worst kind of player and to make it worse, he's a hybrid. Unknown to everyone, he is also part of The Resistance. A group of werewolves fighting against traditional clan values. 

When he finds himself paired with Betrys, he believes it's the perfect chance to finish recruitment for the group. What he doesn't know is, The Elders want her on their side. 

Now she's facing the biggest decision of her life, who to betray.

Cover by @unflaw

  • action
  • betrayal
  • comedy
  • defiance
  • drama
  • fantasy
  • florida
  • humor
  • hybrid
  • matches
  • newvoices
  • paranormal
  • resistances
  • revolution
  • rogues
  • romance
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- - Aug 03, 2017
The blurb, as a whole, is very promising and certainly draws attention :)
LaughingNerd1 LaughingNerd1 Jan 12, 2017
Did you make the trailer? Cause the trailer is freaking awesome!
_Thalix_ _Thalix_ Jan 23, 2017
Can't wait to start reading this! I saw the trailer on Youtube, and HAD to check it out! The plot seems interesting and original, can't wait to start reading it!
_Thalix_ _Thalix_ Jan 23, 2017
For some reason, I really love that word. Blurb. It's such a weird word ^-^
LaughingNerd1 LaughingNerd1 Jan 12, 2017
Bahah, never mind. @SilverErised , you did an amazing job xx
LaughingNerd1 LaughingNerd1 Jan 12, 2017
So far it seems to have an original plot, and I'm really interested to get to know these two characters! Welp, see ya next chap