Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go

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✧m✧ By Direction_Minx Updated Jun 29, 2017

Niall James Horan is kidnapped by a man with traits only known to be thought as a psycho.

 He knows that his kidnapper won't let him go. So he can only prey to his band mates, family, and fans. 

"never let me go, in your dreams, thoughts, priers, and hearts..." 

<< I do not support rape or any kind of violence this story is just based off many movies/tv shows I have watched over the years >>

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1D_Irish_lad 1D_Irish_lad Apr 09, 2017
No! Don't even think about raping my Nialler! NO. NO. NO. NO!!!
hufflin hufflin Aug 14, 2017
Roses are red
                              My penis is prickly
                              May I say
                              That escalated quickly
johnlohck johnlohck May 20, 2016
um i think you just described every directioner in the world
onedolanmixkeysummer onedolanmixkeysummer Feb 07, 2017
Great description of me.But I haven't succeeded to kidnap one direction yet.😅
Siriusly_A_Fanatic Siriusly_A_Fanatic Aug 06, 2016
Creeper alert!  Creeper alert!  Everyone this is not a drill!!!  I repeat this is not a drill!!!  Get to your positions and wait for my signal. Go!  Go!  Go!
- - Mar 27, 2014
I keep imagining Timothy as this raccoon from this little kid tv show I used to watch. d: