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The final battle

The final battle

12.4K Reads 489 Votes 41 Part Story
CodePrincess By codevprincess Completed

Jessica Aphmau Odisin has to make many choices. How will she act? How will she protect her family? How will she save the world?

Final book of the series

Talen_Faith_RP_Lover Talen_Faith_RP_Lover Sep 19, 2016
Cool chapter..!
                              Now..we do not speak of I correct?
Ender-kitty Ender-kitty 2 days ago
GURL YOU BRAIN DEAD? If the squids won't hurt your friends then they are gonna make you do it you read that book
Lusa2500 Lusa2500 4 hours ago
Aphmau:and I can't forget the Redbull they've been there for me by the way Ian u owe me Redbull
Lusa2500 Lusa2500 4 hours ago
For some reason I read this sentence in Prince Resses voice so it was lik
                              Author~chan:As Jessica or Aphmeow
                              Aphmau breaking 4th wall:ITS APHMAU
                              Author~chan:Whoops Aphmau