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Jump - A Rp

Jump - A Rp

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The Anonymous case you didn't get it from my profile's name. How long can this go? Wow, really long, apparently. Any longer? Yep. Let's see how long this goes. So dang long. Woah. Really? Yes, apparentl By LeAnonymousOne Updated Apr 09

People exist that can jump through dimensions. You are one of these people. 
    A strange, chaotic force is spreading through countless dimensions, and the barriers between dimensions are breaking down. The inter-dimensional 'police' are cracking down on the wrong people. Things are going, put simply, WRONG.
    You have choices.
    You can save the multiverse.
    Will you?
    [Rated T for teen for strong violence, language, and adult themes. Please don't join if you aren't willing to make long posts and/or can't handle intense situations or any of the listed above..]

Well its probably too late to join, but I can at least read it like a book, and a very detailed one at that
RenegadeVain RenegadeVain Sep 24, 2016
I love this so much, it's extremely well thought out and I can't wait to join (:
thepiratepony thepiratepony Sep 24, 2016
This seems really cool! I am v busy with school at the moment, but if I have time I shall definitely join
lylia9000 lylia9000 Nov 25, 2016
Omg... XD I've had the same idea before XD Instead fof Jumpers I had called them Dimension Travelers, aka DTs But this is freaking awesome!!! XD
_Kiexa_ _Kiexa_ Sep 24, 2016
Holy cow you've done it again Anon! Your skill at introductions and general creation are as amazing as ever 
                              I can't promise any activity at the moment ( as much as I wish I could ) , but I'll most certainly promise a character
                              I look forward to where you take this!!