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Two Sides of The Same Coin {Sirius Black}

Two Sides of The Same Coin {Sirius Black}

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℟ᵴβ By somniatis_ Completed

∾ Book One of Two Sides Series 
The whispers said he had no mercy, no love and made from the blazing fire. She, unlike him, was born from the bright light. He killed her mind, sent her to madness with his cruel words and she hid the evil under her light, danced with its shadow, whispering the sweet lies in his ear. She was the Queen of Underworld, messenger of Death, and he was the Death himself.
Persephone and Hades Bergavenny, twins, didn't know what to expect, when a man appeared in front of their door, introducing himself as Mr. Flitwick, professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Born from Muggle parents, who had been professors at the University of Manchester, they grew up to think logically and magic had never been part of it. 
Now they were supposed to attend a school, which offered them a new world, and got use to a new life, while learning to expect unexpected because of their unique talents. But it was never easy for them, when there was no one to help them to adjust school, even themselves. Since Hades was sorted in Hufflepuff and Persephone was sorted in Slytherin.
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters are belong to J.K. Rowling. All OC characters are belong to RSB. There might be changes in original plot or ages to keep story going. There'll be some canons at a couple of chapters, credits to rightful owners.

Does anyone know where the idea of using Ben Barnes as Sirius, Aaron Taylor Johnson as James, and Andrew Garfield as Remus came from? Not that I'm disagreeing with that decision tho...
So excited to read this already, how are there not more views! Great writing