Just Mystic

Just Mystic

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io By kousukee Updated Oct 31

~Mystic messenger oneshots and preferences~

And sometimes random stuff ( • ̀ω•́ )✧

Jumin [×]
Jaehee [×]
Yoosung [×]
Zen [×]
707 [×]
Unknown [×]
V [×]

Leave requests in the request chapter ヽ('▽`)/

I can't stop laughing at the picture😂😂😂 lololololol FABULOUS
cynically- cynically- Oct 01
yooo io~
                              Username : Scarletmaiden_
                              Name of my character : Scarlet 
                              Character you wanted : Seven 
                              Scenario : I borrowed his glasses and act like how he is then we ended up laughing at each other and seven said something about how cute i am. lol
                              thank you
literally I saw this while reading another book and I clicked on it just to say that the cover is aMaZING, gr8 job.
crazy_0taku crazy_0taku Sep 19
Username: crazy_0taku , character wanted: Seven , name of my character [y/n] or Tatkaaa (with 3 a's in the end x) theme: fluffy , scenario : me and Seven going to Disneyland at night when nobody's there and making a fuss
Username: Sparkz
                              Name: Liv
                              Character: Zen
                              Theme: romance/fluffy
                              Scenario: ...uh idk. Surprise me? XD
Username: HonorV~
                              Name: Honor
                              Character wanted: JUMIN
                              Theme: fluffy/with Eli the 3rd
                              Jumin comes home from work one day, to find Honor playing a Otome game and bugs her until she stops.