Just Mystic

Just Mystic

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io By kousukee Updated Oct 31, 2016

~Mystic messenger oneshots and preferences~

And sometimes random stuff ( • ̀ω•́ )✧

Jumin [×]
Jaehee [×]
Yoosung [×]
Zen [×]
707 [×]
Unknown [×]
V [×]

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That picture reminds me of the Fairy Tail one where Cobra was taking the picture and the other dragon slayers are posing and he was taking a picture for himself XD
Username: Juliya~Chan
                              Name: Juliya
                              Character: Saeran
                              Theme: Fluff/angst
                              Scenario: Juliya has depression and angry problems so she is ether crying or yelling all the time. Saeran wants to help her.
Username: RunnerOfTheGlade
                              Zen cheats on my character  so then my character tries to commit suicide but then Zen stops her from doing it, but please no fluff at the end like they kiss and then everything is alright, idk I like sad things..
-fiirewhiskey -fiirewhiskey 2 days ago
Username: -fiirewhiskey
                              Name: Yuki
                              Character: Zen
                              Theme: Yandere Zen
                              Scenario: Yuki was dating V but when Zen finds out he was furious so he decided to kill V and kidnapped Yuki
trashy_Fandom trashy_Fandom Oct 24, 2016
I can't stop laughing at the picture😂😂😂 lololololol FABULOUS
Dark_Angel_24 Dark_Angel_24 Dec 22, 2016
Username: Lois★
                              Name: Lois
                              Character wanted: Jumin
                              Theme: Fluffy
                              Scenario: I don't mind :)