Stars Too Bright (BL) (RE-WRITING)

Stars Too Bright (BL) (RE-WRITING)

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orblee By orblee Updated Jun 29, 2017

NOTE: I wrote this story when I was 18...

Stars Too Bright is about a girl who reincarnates into her sisters favourite otome game called 《Stars To Lovers》

It just so happens, that in this story, our female protagonist reincarnates as a lead villainous/rival's younger brother - Seven.

From a bonafide girl to a bonafide boy...

Warning: contains BL


Seven and his sister, Ria, have never been on good terms. 

They have always fought over the littlest things and they have never understood why the other was born so annoying...

...that is, until Seven becomes a completely different person.

And when ria is made into a hated character (as destined), Seven finds he cannot just sit back and watch...

But (definitely) not wanting to make things easy for the Capture Targets and the Heroine, he decides to meddle in the main story line, thus changing the game and its pathways all together...hehe^^

A/N: This story has all sorts of happenence, so if you don't like, don't read.


NOTE: I am currently re-writing this story. All chapters will be slowly replaced but will remain in their original form for new readers to read. I plan to cut out unnecessary wording/settings and other things. I WILL NOT CHANGE THE ORIGINAL PLOT but I will fix any inconsistencies. As this story was written without a proper outlining, I used notes, there are many inconsistencies lol (I started this when I was 18 lol)...Anyway, I will be updating as I re-write this story.

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