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mystic messenger headcanons ✿

mystic messenger headcanons ✿

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エヴァ~先輩 | ava~senpai★ By young-and-improving Updated Jan 03

some headcanons about your fave mystic messenger characters.  hope they make you laugh, because this is supposed to be funny okay.  request a character by commenting somewhere in this book and i'll make a headcanon for you.  enjoy~

*note: these headcanons are not real facts about the characters, they're things i made up that i think are funny.  all content is mine unless otherwise stated.  mystic messenger and its characters belong to cheritz.*

lilysplash5181 lilysplash5181 Oct 14, 2016
i somehow didnt get notifications for this book and i completely forgot u had it ;-;
lilysplash5181 lilysplash5181 Sep 18, 2016
ahahahha i have all the cats and remodels and items ;) and i only have like 7 mementos left ^-^
ReaperDarkskies ReaperDarkskies Nov 13, 2016
This starts off with my Seven~Kun loving Neko Atsume... Now look at my profile pic