Good girl's Big Bad Wolf [On Hold]

Good girl's Big Bad Wolf [On Hold]

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RhiRhi, That Pyscho By RigantonaAKARhiannon Updated Oct 16, 2016

What happens when the bad boy falls in love? 

He is a bad boy. I'm a good girl.
He is the bully. I'm the bullied.
He is hot. I'm just not.
He is popular. I eat lunch in the library.
He is a werewolf. I'm human.
Do you see how this isn't going to work?
I hate the guy. Just because something happened by chance, does NOT mean I will just fall into his arms again. I'm not like that. I just want to get back to my normal life of having no family or friends. But NO he just has to turn up and rule the school like a king. Ironic since his last name is King. Wow! He is such a brat. I hate his spoilt little face. Ugh he is so annoying! Why can't he just love Sarah?
They would have beautiful kids.
But no he just has to chase me...
Dorky Dale.

This isn't any ordinary Bad Boy...
No this is a Werewolf Bad Boy. 
Even more of a reason to stay away from him.

But how can she when they live together?

Though Dale tries desperately to avoid him, he always finds a way. Of course he would, he's her mate...

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