Blast from the Past  (Black Butler Various x Modern Seme Male Reader)

Blast from the Past (Black Butler Various x Modern Seme Male Reader)

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M/n's P.O.V

"Of all places, why here?"

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Btw I've never understood this 8th period thing.. what country are you in? Cause in america you have 4 periods
In my school, 8th period is usually study time (where you can do your homework, projects, or just read, draw, or listen to music. if you don't have homework or projects) so honestly, I would do the same if I was in his shoe.
"Bobbing his head along to some music" all I can think of is some hardcore screamo and him dislocating his head from bobbing it too hard..
chirp23 chirp23 Jul 08
My middle school had 8 went to 6 and now in high school  it's 8 main classes and lunch
I once got so mad at a  substitute teacher that I told them "I was gunna fūcking kill them"... I was in a bad mood cause it was early and I was a little depressed.. usually I'd just be a smart ãss but she accused of something I didn't do.
NE. America, four main core classes, and two other random shits in the morning for middle school, just four classes for elementary, and high school, you can choose whatever the hell you want for classes, as long as you study math and literature. This was longer than I planned.