One Smile Please

One Smile Please

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Meet Charlie Rae. Charlie is a photographer, she's the type of girl who doesn't let her past define her. Well... she tries. Now meet Cameron Fraser, a successful, young business man who's face is all over every magazine. Like Charlie, lets just say his past hasn't been the best.

So what happens when one night on a bridge they meet? Like this:

''What the fuck are you actually doing dude?!' I screeched whilst getting out of my car, the cold instantly nipped at my skin. This guy was just standing on the other side of the bridge as if he was going to jump off! Who does that? Well I guess… suicidal people and maybe mentally instable people, but who does that?!"

Will they be able to make each other forget about their past? Or will their pasts come knocking on their doors to seperate them from one another?

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Did no one notice it says harry potter and the philosophers stone instead of sorcerers stone!?!?
TheLegendOfJose TheLegendOfJose Sep 24, 2016
Never heard that term in all the years of loving Harry Potter 🤔
fourkisses fourkisses Jan 13
When u said potterhead all i could think of was pottermarrie
mariaam2015 mariaam2015 Jun 02, 2015
i ve just started reading your story. and i feel like it s you the character i mean the girl. 
                              anyways keep it up (y) 
AvieGaelle AvieGaelle Jun 02, 2015
Hi ! This start story captivated my attention ! I'm impatient for read the rest of the story ! So, I like your handwriting. It's very nice !
                              [I'm sorry for possible spelling mistake > I'm French :3]
XxGoldfishxX XxGoldfishxX Jan 31, 2015
@abby61699 awww thank you soooo much this seriously does mean a lot :') thanks seriously it made you comment made my day :3