Will The Alpha Love Me?

Will The Alpha Love Me?

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I started to slow down when a hand grabbed my arm, I spun around and hit my back on a tree. I closed my eyes preparing for impact, but it never came. I fluttered my eyes open to see gorgeous blue ones staring down at me. I breathed in my mates scent. "I thought you'd be a bit more excited to find out the alpha of the biggest and strongest pack in the world is your mate" he said with his husky voice tickling my neck. I couldn't get the words out of my mouth as he started to trail kisses up my neck to my lips. He hovered there for what seemed like forever when I couldn't handle it anymore I leaned forward and connected our lips. Oh my, it felt like one million fireworks just exploded on our lips. I arched my back to deepen the kiss, he licked my bottom lip to ask for entry I gladly let him in. Our tongues fighting for dominance when I finally won. He let out a growl and I just moaned, we broke free and I rested my forehead on his, breathing like we almost drowned. He slowly brought his hands down to my waist and then around to my butt, he gave a light squeeze. Then he grabbed my hand, and we walked back to the pack house.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Ciana is a 17 year old werewolf. She just moved to a new town called BanksValley she finds her mate Alpha Zack. Now that the biggest and strongest  pack in the world will have a Luna, the rouges are not happy, what will happen to Ciana? Will the hunters that killed her parents find her, and her siblings? But the real question is.... Will the Alpha Love Her?

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It's totally fine and I can't wait for the next chapter💚💚