His Girl

His Girl

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"I'm scared," she whispers tearfully, clutching my shirtsleave in both of her tiny, trembling hands. She looks up at me with those big, terrified brown eyes and I nearly come undone.

Desperately needing to see her bright, happy smile once more, I send her a warm, reassuring smile. "Don't worry, Princess. You'll be perfectly safe with me."

With her lower lip trembling, she nods and worriedly glances behind her where we entered the alley. "But what if they find us?"

My heart clenches at the thought of her going back to that hell hole and my fist clenches at the thought of them laying a finger on her. "They won't, I won't let them." I will die before they touch her.

Silence falls like a blanket over us, the only sounds around us are the dripping of water in the pipes and our own breaths.

Suddenly, men's voices break the silence and my heart starts beating ten times faster. My gaze slides to her panicked expression  and I grit my teeth as a sudden wave of anger washes over me.

This is all their fault.

Pressing a calloused finger to her soft trembling lips, I quickly usher her into an abandoned shack and softly close the door behind me.


Grayson Steel had been in and out of foster homes for as long as he could remember, occasionally in the random orphanage. He suffered from Abandonment and depression, his only releif was boxing.

Until one day.

She had to be the tiniest sixteen - year-old he had ever seen, and by far the most adorable. Immediately, he was drawn to her, taking the skittish little thing under his wing. 

Soon, his attachment strengthened into something different, his protectiveness expanding into uncharted territories. They became inseparable, depending on no one but themselves.

But his eighteenth birthday was drawing nearer.

What used to be the day he looked forward to became dreaded in his mind.

He would have to leave her.

However, after a horrific occurance, leaving her there without him was not an option.

She was coming with him

trevan22 trevan22 Jan 04
Oh so cute.  He is very protective of her.  Wonder what will he do when its time for hm to leave her at foster care.
AsUsefulAsDansBelt AsUsefulAsDansBelt Nov 09, 2016
Oh no sweetie, he wasn't being protective of u, he was being protective of the beautiful girl
Me : Do you hear something 
                              Savage me : its the trash can being desperate for attention again
danesskie danesskie Oct 23, 2016
the fault in our stars? ive heard that there is a movie with that name, and there is supposed to be a book with said name.  BUT NEVER SEEN ANY OF THEM. so what is it a horror? thriller?
someone  who finally understands me! i love this girl and i love this book!
joe_sugg16 joe_sugg16 Sep 19, 2016
That was such a good chapter I can't wait for more to see what he does when he leaves and she has to stay there for another 2 years