I'll have you soon

I'll have you soon

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DdochiMochi'sLittlePepper By Chimkookie13 Updated Nov 07

Jimin fucks everyone at their school even his teachers. He's a sex addict so when he find out that you're a virgin and you're studying in their school, well, better be prepared.

Jungkook enters the school where fucking is normal without him knowing it.

So being the most popular fuckboy Jimin is, he find out about the innocent Jungkook immediately and became his next target.

"I'll have so you soon Innocent guy. I will fuck you hard and you'll scream my name to the point that you can't speak for weeks ;) "

jyang03 jyang03 Sep 30
@Moose343 because I was born
                              Or were you talking about the story charcters?
                              Probably me...right?
Only if the picture in the middle of your book cover was real -.-
Aww love you too~ 😙😉 (I'm soo late I just saw this today 😅 mianhae)