The Disappearing Goddess | A Percy Jackson Fanfiction

The Disappearing Goddess | A Percy Jackson Fanfiction

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Arisa Kim By neverlanded Updated Nov 25, 2017

Book One of the Aurum Choi series.

Aurum doesn't like people. In fact, he absolutely detests the idea of being around anyone. Top grades in the state and the most wanted athlete; he doesn't need human interaction because it's a "waste of time".  Being the heir to the Choi Enterprise adds pressure for him to succeed the throne. When two half-bloods tell Aurum that he needs to go to camp for safety, he immediately turns down their offer because of his already successful life.

After being forced to go on a quest due to the disappearance of a certain goddess, Aurum does everything he can to get out of it and escape camp in the process. He has no want to be a piece on the gods' chess game or play for the sake of humanity; Aurum needs to get home and finish an important deal due to the business being at stake. Will his conscience come to play or will he give in into his inheritance and forget about the camp?

He has two choices: complete the deal or save the world. 

Based on the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series.

[An AU in which ToA doesn't exist]


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Whelderguy Whelderguy Sep 19, 2016
Arisa likes referring to herself in the third person apparently
- - Sep 18, 2016
I feel you, Arisa. *affectionate pat on the back* ~the admin, @Whelderguy
scryiing scryiing Sep 18, 2016
oooh this sounds interesting :3 does this take place around the same time as Akira's story (i hope you don't mind me making references to her, by the way)?
theevilteddybear theevilteddybear Sep 19, 2016
... Ooooh~ this looks /interesting./ 
                              Also, I know the feeling about making stories when you don't have the time to write them. *weeps*