Playboy [Ciel x Reader]

Playboy [Ciel x Reader]

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「Aladdin」 By aladdinswatermelone Updated Sep 01


[Y/N], a girl with low grades, but always has a smile on her face. 

Ciel, the top student and school's playboy.

Girl is in love with boy,
Boy is annoyed by girl.

But when an accident occurs at [Y/N]'s home, she is forced to move into her dad's friend house...little did she know her dad's friend was the father of Ciel Phantomhive. 

[Based on Korean Drama 'Playful Kiss'.]

A happy, and hyper girl and her popular classmate. 

How will these two end up together? Find out here, in 'Playboy' Ciel x Reader ^^

Kai_Kun_ Kai_Kun_ Jun 21
Please don't edit the photo ,It's kinda disturbing ;;; You look nice though 😊
... dear lord Author-chan looks like me 😂 except I'm like a curry. My skin color is freaking yellow
Magical-Liz Magical-Liz Jun 01
I have that same shirt but without the text bubbles and the collar has pinky lace!
On second though, you look like me and my friend though... I still can't put a finger on it...
Nova-Galaxy Nova-Galaxy Mar 23
OMG you are so Kawaii, author-Chan (I'm coming 14 in September so I'm not that much younger than you) KAWAII!!!!
UraAkashiya UraAkashiya Dec 15, 2016
Oh if you need to tell him off just say that your sis doesnt have feelings for him and whatever he does will just make her more annoyed.