Special (Gene X Reader X Laurance)

Special (Gene X Reader X Laurance)

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Guenivere: The Flash Fan By Flashfan1 Updated Oct 07, 2016

"I know you're a good artist, don't play dumb with me," Gene said, becoming irritated.

"For the last time, I don't want to!"

"Do it, or I'll show them this-"
I gasp.

AshlynnWritez AshlynnWritez Oct 09, 2016
That's kinda accurate I have never met anyone with the name Ashlynn
A book-me that is actually close to my personality? THANK BLOODY JESUS ON A- (I was going to say 'on a stick' but I realized how offensive that would be XD)
You may address me as 'Fennec' until I can trust you with my actual name. (Which, if I might add, is highly unlikely.)
LynaGriffin LynaGriffin Nov 20, 2016
Hey, I couldn't look any uglier than I already am. Seriously, I look like I'm dead.
Xgraciexkissesx Xgraciexkissesx Sep 25, 2016
Me: my name is gracie 
                              Him: WHAT A UNIQUE-
                              Me: *says creepily* call me gray
                              Him: *backs away slowly*
                              I like to freak out people by saying my nickname is gray XDDDD
xXseriousstuffXx xXseriousstuffXx Nov 24, 2016
My name is Swedish so you can say it's kinda unique for englist or American people. Ps ; it's mea-lynn if you pronounce it in English.