The Distant Hours | rewritten

The Distant Hours | rewritten

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Being lonely doesn't always equate to loneliness, but in Cree's case, being by herself for most of her life has created a hole that seems unfillable.

It's her last year in college, and her sisters believe that it's time for Cree to branch out and break out of the shell she has confined herself to. When the remaining three Love sisters talk her into attending an off-campus frat party, she receives more than she ever bargained for - the attention of someone she had never met and never thought she would meet. While Cree is keen on sticking to the rules of being strictly friends with the surprise guest of the party, he wants more than that. He wants her to be his.

And when a man with money, influence, and celebrity status wants something, he usually gets it.

NewNewWrites NewNewWrites Nov 23, 2016
You never cease to excite my love for words with your poetry.
NewNewWrites NewNewWrites Nov 23, 2016
Wow so beautiful it really resonates with me. I adore how lovely you weave words together.
_jasminedanyell _jasminedanyell Nov 25, 2016
Omg may I share this? This is beautiful and very touching to me and my current situation.
InkD_Roses InkD_Roses Nov 24, 2016
Your writing is so detailed! I'm hooked and this is just the beginning. Great work!
meme12181995 meme12181995 Dec 21, 2016
I love your writing style. Makes me really envision that person. 💜💜💜💜💜