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Ryhliegh By CallmeSketch Updated Apr 26, 2017

This story is based off of Thegreatrouge's Vampverse. The Au itself belong to her along with the names and designs. All characters belong to their respective owners. For example; Error and Fresh belong to CrayonQueen, Ink belongs to Comyet. And so on. The only things that I own are the plot and Lumière ((VV Shine Sans))

Story Description:

    Encre is one of the many monsters living in Underville ((I made that name of the town up...)) He went into the forest, despite the township's warnings and met Fallacy, the king of the vampires. Fallacy becomes smitten with Encre and decides to take him back to his castle. This is their story.

End of Description

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it my friends!

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ede3401 ede3401 Aug 04, 2017
It is very descriptive, with fancy words and great detail. This is a work of art. 3 stars.
flamefireFTW flamefireFTW Mar 12, 2017
Is it dad that souring the description all that was going threw my head was "Apple bottem jeans jeans boots with the fur" just because the order
fan_du_zodiaque fan_du_zodiaque Jan 29, 2017
The french of "I haven't seen you since your father left town!" is "Je ne vous ai pas vu depuis que votre père a quitté la ville" ^^
K00lkatts K00lkatts Dec 25, 2016
This is a really good start and I added ur book to my favorite reading list and because this is suppose to be a ink X error story every time u say he or his for ertrna (ink) I keep saying she or her because it's a error X ink story and I see ink as a girl in those but yeah awesome beginning 😉
MariaLNBorges MariaLNBorges Oct 03, 2016
Indeed. I wish you the best of luck. And don't forget to have fun. 😊👍💙
jensaar jensaar Jan 18, 2017
That sounds more like a Spanish word and it has the same meaning