Mortality, The Immortal Watcher

Mortality, The Immortal Watcher

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Hunter By Shadow_Warrior14 Updated Sep 23, 2016

Mortality(Percy) is the enigma of life and death. He is the first human to ever walk this earth. But he is forever bound to the realm of the living cursed to roam for eternity in his body that cannot die. But with a new threat coming to Olympus from the fates themselves, will he be enough to save Olympus? Or will he just watch the people who enslaved him burn?

Not my story, written by nutsofthechest at who gave me permission to do this. 

Here is a link to the original on and don't forget to check out his other stories on there too.

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I know about pheromones.. but pheromone replacement I got no clue
I thought of Avatar: the last airbender just now, first episodes xD
I have all mana and is/are powerful enough to manipulate space and time mana on a daily basis
XxKinglyxX XxKinglyxX Apr 09
Started thinking and my brain cam to the conclusion that Zoe is an accident in this story. Unintential, one night stand (or however long it took to convert Artemis into a non-Alpha).
_GodSpeed_ _GodSpeed_ Jul 24
Wow just wow. Also how does he have kids when he hold up the sky.
darkbiodragon darkbiodragon Nov 22, 2016
I mean he can't do anything his hands ,back and shoulder are kinda busy