Heartthrob Snob // D.O.

Heartthrob Snob // D.O.

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Being a part of Korea's popular boy band, EXO-K, Do Kyungsoo lives a normal and happy celebrity life. Practising, performing and hanging out would be his normal routine but all of this is about to change.

Meet Jung Eunmi. Eunmi is just a typical fan-girl who extremely admires and adores EXO-K, but what she doesn't know is that her family and the popular Do Kyungsoo's family are connected.

Two separate lives will cross,

two paths that have never met will meet, and

two hearts that will become one?

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ChanNibaek ChanNibaek Jan 10
Naah but in reality kyungsoo is always nicer to Kai and will bully chanbaek. But he also said that Baek and him are same and always talk together. Exo and their weirdness
bottomyeollie bottomyeollie Nov 19, 2017
You got a lowkey baeksoo ship going on but like since it's a straight ff they are just really close but we all know that deep down baekhyun wants kyungsoo and vice versa 😂
Atsxk0 Atsxk0 Feb 06
True. Kyungsoo always take care of Baekhyun like his own child.
Guys in the comments,, please THIS IS A FICTION for f*ck's sake you don't have to believer it -_-
And somewhere in the corner there's a jealous Kai and Chanyeol
Atsxk0 Atsxk0 Feb 06
Are the comments actually believing this, it’s just a fan fiction. Kyungsoo isn’t actually like that.