Romeo and Juliet || Lawless x Reader

Romeo and Juliet || Lawless x Reader

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Danosaurus__Rex By Danosaurus__Rex Updated Jul 05

It was a Friday night. You were striding back from the library after a long study session. You were about to sit your final exams in your final year of school. You were so done with school and kinda glad that you'd be able to escape that place soon enough. 

The night had started to close in around you, enveloping you in darkness and bringing with it a sharp chill. You hugged your jacket closer to you as you continued at a fast pace  down the street. You just wanted to be greeted by the warmth of your apartment again.

You were just passing the last alley before you'd finally be greeted by your comfortable bed, when you felt a firm grip on your arm. You shrieked in surprise as you were yanked into the black abyss of the alley. It took a couple of seconds for your eyes to adjust before you saw your captor. A middle age man was standing opposite you. A glint of insanity was evident in his grey eyes.

"You're not the gurl I wanted," he said in a gruff voice.

"Well I'll be on my way, then...