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She's So Gone (Sasuke Love Story/ Akatsuki fanfic)

She's So Gone (Sasuke Love Story/ Akatsuki fanfic)

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Colette By Colette_Storm Completed

Why? Why me? Why does it hurt so damn much? Nothing ever turns out right for me. Life is just pain, anger, and sadness in an everlasting cycle. I endured twelve years of bullshit because my family is a bunch of judgmental assholes that don't give a damn about me. They treated me horribly because i'm different from everyone else. It's not like its my fault, I can't change the way I am. If anyone is to blame its them, they're the ones who sealed the demon inside me. I feel like the loneliness that i've had to indure my whole life is tearing me apart from the inside out. To them i'm just a mistake, never meant to happen.      What did I ever do to them? Exist? Is that it? I just... don't understand. I've learned something over these past twelve years. Being alone, it does things to you. It eats away at your soul, driving you to the brink of insanity, and there is nothung you can do to stop it. And after twelve horrible years of living in this village, i'm finally free.     I tried my hardest to prove myself to them, but nothing I did was ever good enough. By the time I was ten I was already a jonin. I work extra hard to get where I am today, and now I can finally start to fulfill my dream of getting revenge on these retched people. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~      Echo is finally fed up. Her whole village despises her. So what happens when she finally runs away so she can get stronger so she can finally defeat her village. What happend when she joins the akatsuki? Will Echo finally find a place where she belongs? (This doesn't follow the plot all the time. Just a warning) I DONT OWN NARUTO! ONLY MY OC's.
A lot of authors notes.

TintinSena TintinSena Sep 25, 2016
The commments are full of period stuff 😂😂😂😂 I LIKE THIS
setori_ setori_ Sep 21, 2016
I don't know what this is about... All I know is that the akatsuki characters on the story's cover is my phones case so I'm interested xD
InuYasha226 InuYasha226 Apr 12, 2016
Sounds like it's all about blood, guts, and gore....I like it!!!
KazumiUchiha45 KazumiUchiha45 Jul 19, 2016
So you mean all people living in that village are alway having periods everyday
Foodxisxlifex Foodxisxlifex Feb 03, 2016
I like how half the comments are about periods .... fun times xD
Kanachi108 Kanachi108 Aug 27, 2016
Anyone else think of "She's so gone" the song from lemonade mouth. I'm listening to it right now while reading this story