First Love

First Love

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Toxxic__ By Toxxic__ Updated Jan 09

"You like me." He smirked 

"Do not!" My cheeks were now red as a tomato.

"You're blushing!" He cooed

"S-shut up! and let me go." I say, I don't know how we got into this position.

"I think I like the way we are right now." His voice came out as a whispear and a little hoarse.

"I-I have to go." I whispear back, I don't think I could keep talking if he is this close to me.

"Okay, Until next time." He said and let me go.


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xXthanksmanXx xXthanksmanXx Oct 24, 2016
Did anyone else think of Forest Gump when she said she wanted to be a bird or the Notebook
                              Just me
moonbeauty1 moonbeauty1 Aug 18, 2016
I don't understand how in every book I read everyone's so short I mean it may just be me but except for tbbattb everyone's short I mean I'm 5'4 and I'm 13
cindymccallme cindymccallme Dec 28, 2016
i doubt she's fat and if she is she can be one of those models that makes me love me for being me
notantjegronemeyer notantjegronemeyer Oct 27, 2016
Bite* sorry I'm a bit of a grammar natzi if it bothers you @Toxxic__ please tell me
BarksdaleChild1 BarksdaleChild1 Aug 08, 2016
I breathe you n with smoke in the backyard light(someone continue it and keep it going until the end of the song lol)
Jayisontheinternet Jayisontheinternet Nov 22, 2016
So this is what happens when Phil leaves him . He makes a school