First Love

First Love

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Toxxic__ By Toxxic__ Updated Aug 02

"You like me." He smirked 

"Do not!" My cheeks were now red as a tomato.

"You're blushing!" He cooed

"S-shut up! and let me go." I say, I don't know how we got into this position.

"I think I like the way we are right now." His voice came out as a whispear and a little hoarse.

"I-I have to go." I whispear back, I don't think I could keep talking if he is this close to me.

"Okay, Until next time." He said and let me go.


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Thank you! <3

Did anyone else think of Forest Gump when she said she wanted to be a bird or the Notebook
                              Just me
moonbeauty1 moonbeauty1 Aug 18
I don't understand how in every book I read everyone's so short I mean it may just be me but except for tbbattb everyone's short I mean I'm 5'4 and I'm 13
Bite* sorry I'm a bit of a grammar natzi if it bothers you @Toxxic__ please tell me
I breathe you n with smoke in the backyard light(someone continue it and keep it going until the end of the song lol)
So this is what happens when Phil leaves him . He makes a school
ericahluves ericahluves Nov 14
Is it implying to her home life or just her being hungry in general ??