The Test

The Test

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Patricia S. By Patpookie Completed

Going through my pictures, I went to the one that I had just taken, and the phone slowly slipped out of my grasp.
    What had escaped my notice before is that the couch I had taken the picture on was against a window, which showed the backyard of the house. But in this picture, it wasn't an empty backyard. No, behind my smiling face was another one, outside the window. It was his face. Covered with a black ski mask, watching me.


    All 19-year-old Layna wanted to do was forget about the guy that broke her heart, and move on with her new boyfriend Brian.
    But instead, she unwittingly attracted the attention of a stalker. Someone who had been watching her every move for a month, plotting and planning for the perfect moment when he could take her.
    What Layna never would have expected was that when he finally kidnaps her, she would have to undergo "The Test". The Test that the girls before her had gone through. The one they failed, and payed heavily for.
    Will she pass The Test or will she die like the others?

  • detective
  • fbiagent
  • kidnapper
  • mystery
  • police
  • thriller
JastMyxs JastMyxs Feb 19
Dang it thought he would be angry, thinking that layna cheated on him
Tiabzz Tiabzz Mar 08
This is so gripping good
                              Plz follow me any of u
                              I'll follow u back!
marwahhhmmmuthanna marwahhhmmmuthanna Nov 15, 2017
its very descriptive but I think u should have more characters and scenes I'm having a mystery project and I chose this book and my questions ask the scenes characters important qualities of the character and so so
ysmn_lrv ysmn_lrv Oct 27, 2017
i already have this thought that brian's the actual stalker tbh
LordDagz LordDagz Jan 17
If you have a detective uncle or father...
                              I guess that stalker might be exposed. Lol
WBJacobs WBJacobs Jan 23
One small nitpick for you to improve, in this paragraph you say that she has coffee, but only a few paragraphs before, you say she has hot chocolate, so you need to edit it to make sure that it's consistent.