「Scared To Be Alone」→Gaster!Sans x Reader

「Scared To Be Alone」→Gaster!Sans x Reader

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I need Jesus By EchoTrash Updated Dec 18, 2016

{Y/n} was a girl who had been abused by her adopted parents since her father disappeared out of nowhere. She was bullied horribly, but she always had her best friend to care about.

It was just another Saturday when she met a particularly interesting skeleton.

Although he hated humans, the fact that she lost her shit on him for being rude to her friend just drew him to her, he wanted to know everything about her.


"I wanna carry you, but I'll just keep worrying about you."

I do not own Undertale or any of it's characters, including AUs.

Terra9586658 Terra9586658 Dec 21, 2016
Well yeah that sound about right, I'm a girl that is 5 foot 3, kinda tan skin, green eyes, long blonde hair, and I have nerdy glasses, as why people call me a cute nerd! And I have that out fit, but gray converse lmao
KawaiiKat0113 KawaiiKat0113 Oct 03, 2016
At my old school, my friends would constantly say, "the word of the day is: PROFANITY! "
_-Hyun-_-Ryu-_ _-Hyun-_-Ryu-_ Oct 22, 2016
My principle constantly says this when going over the dress code XD
DaKawaiiPopato DaKawaiiPopato Sep 18, 2016
Well, Bibbity Bobbity boo I'll get all the chocolate in the world
SkittleCat66 SkittleCat66 Sep 17, 2016
AWSOME! This is good! I'm gonna keep reading this book. Keep up the good work!
JMRo_Studios JMRo_Studios Nov 19, 2016
" nerdy glasses ".....
                              YAY!!!!!!  I DO HAVE NERD-LIKE GLASSES ( RED GLASSES )  IM SO HAPPY