Don't Go | Riren/Ereri✔

Don't Go | Riren/Ereri✔

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Modern Levi By JeagersBooty Completed

Paring: LevixEren (Riren/Ereri) 

Levi Ackerman, a 17 year old high school student who suffers from paralysis after a devastating rock climbing accident.

He's desperate to leave the old, boring town of Trost, so he applies for an experiential trial at a hospital that's in the city of Rose.

After the accident that took Levi's ability to walk, he's become addicted to heroine. It was to the point where he needed more than two doses in the morning just to get through the day without breaking down. But he didn't mind taking this deadly, unhealthy drug. He loved the rush, and feel he got from it. But, one day when he goes to the movies with a few friends, he meets a turquoise eyed boy who just might change his thinking.

'Changing... changing is like counting all the stars... it's basically impossible.'

Disclaimer:I don't any Attack on Titan characters.

Date Started: September 23, 2016
Date Completed: November 6, 2016

Levik1k1 Levik1k1 Feb 22
Help me. I'm already thinking of smut. Of just eren ridding Levi while he's still in the Whealchair *dies*
I speak 3 languages and I take all my classes in French except for 2 in high school and I couldn't even do this if I tried.
Vintagerose21 Vintagerose21 Dec 01, 2016
Draw me like one of your French girls Jack. 
                              Wait a minute... Levi's French. OH GOD!
Sondash360 Sondash360 Jan 15
The image of Hanji super-excited while driving, the others screaming and Levi with his stone-face makes my day.
Dreammistress2 Dreammistress2 Sep 29, 2016
                              You and me can get along great 👍
This reminds me so much of this other fic called "chasing summer" like??