My One And Only Wish || p.js

My One And Only Wish || p.js

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• NaCl • By songaelee Completed

Cover by @loverenjun

"Are you a monster?" I asked the boy in front of me and he looked at me weirdly, before shaking his head and he held out his hand for me.

Jisung was young when he started training and he only had one dream, to become a star.
Bomi had a dream too. Ever since she was a kid, she had followed, what her mom had told her.
Her mom always told her to stay away from boys and that they were monsters, which was probably why Bomi went to an all girls school. 
Bomi wanted to talk to guys, but after what her mom had told her, she didn't know if she was brave enough.
When they meet each other they almost immediately click.
But was what, her mom had told her, true?

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pinkisyandere pinkisyandere 2 days ago
How could someone so cute be a monster?😹😹😹😹🙈🙈
-cabaege -cabaege Aug 21
funny how apink has a member named bomi and a song named remember
softsung softsung Aug 14
All I want to do is cry at how adorable Jisung is being and how much I already ship them.
Ehmm no I like sports too and I'm a girl.....I do Taekwondo it's fun
I wonder how the mom would be like if she had a son instead.
jjindda jjindda Aug 04
I don't like sports, I'm more into being lazy and not doing anything. If doing absolutely nothing was a sport I'd be great at that