Lust and Crime

Lust and Crime

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Andrea Roblyer By Drea_Roblyer Updated Oct 24

Young Perrie: "You're the mommy Jadey and I'm the daddy." 

Young Jade: "But girls aren't supposed to be together." 

Young Perrie: "Why not?" 

Young Jade: "Cause that's weird." 

Young Perrie: "No it's not. I love you Jadey."

Young Jade: "No you don't." 

Young Perrie: "Yeah I do, I'll prove it." 

Young Jade: "Then prove it."

*12 years later*

Perrie: "I love you"

Jade: "No you don't! You're a ruthless assassin!"

Perrie: "I can prove it." 

Jade: *sighs*  "Then prove it."

HappyNBS HappyNBS Nov 14
Dre, I swear everytime you release a book it's always original, beautiful, and one of a kind. 
                              BUT DON'T BE A BITCH WHEN IT COMES TO UPDATES THO 😂