I want a bad boy, how much?

I want a bad boy, how much?

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Madison By MaddieRawr354 Updated Jan 18, 2012

BoyxBoy Simon Anoyx is rich, he's going to be head of his dad's company, and he's crushing on Palmer. That's right. He's gay. 

The problem is his dad would disown him if he even thought about another boy like that, let alone palmer. Who is a less than wealthy, manipulating, bad boy. Don't forget he's a major player/man whore. He sleeps with girls left and right, that's another problem for Simon.

Would the sexy bad boy be willing to give him a chance?
Will he manipulate Simon stepping on his heart in the process?

(It may be a little cliche but I'm not very expeirenced... yet) :3

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Eshi09 Eshi09 Apr 17, 2013
@MaddieRawr354 Ah. I hate it when spell-check/grammar-check/whatever makes me think I'm writing incorrectly.
MaddieRawr354 MaddieRawr354 Apr 17, 2013
@Eshi09 Yeah, I don't really know what I was doing by adding spaces before diaogue... I think my iPods auto-correct in notes did that so, for some reason, even after being an avid reader, I thought that was the right way.
                              But thank you for the compliment. :)
MaddieRawr354 MaddieRawr354 Oct 20, 2012
@LBJ101 Thank you so much! That means a lot to me. I honestly appreciate that you left a comment. <3
LBJ101 LBJ101 Oct 20, 2012
lovin it already and that dosn't happen very oftern, you got talent xP <3
MaddieRawr354 MaddieRawr354 Jul 17, 2012
@Nikkicolez Well, thank you~ I try. =P I'm glad youo liked it!
Nikkicolez Nikkicolez Jul 17, 2012
Omg this chapter had me laughing my ass off. The fantasy was too funny