3 to 1 : Boboiboy Fanfiction

3 to 1 : Boboiboy Fanfiction

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"What?" I ask before adding "Why on Equestria would I want to help you?", I retorted while they exchange glances from one another.

The eldest one replied "We're pretty sure you know that you're being targeted by a certain green head alien."

The other one smirked "And we also know you don't know how to defend yourself".

The other added "And we are going to protect you if you agree to this one simple deal."

I bit my lip, not sure where this is going, "So you guys are going to protect me-" , I swallowed the suffering feel in me, "-in exchange, I would have to help you find a girlfriend?"


For moving on with a new life, she stumbles into another chaos that she tried to run away from but fate wasn't kind with her.

An evil alien, a overpowered robot and a purple sidekick throws her life into a heap of problems.

She needed suitors for the boys to protect her but when their defenses fall, that boy is the one needs saving.

Was she ready to betray her friends for the sake of his life? Or was she gonna let his life slowly slip by?


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