First One || #Wattys2017

First One || #Wattys2017

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Qu33n TF By QueenTAF Updated 5 days ago

"You're mine and no one can ever have you" I said right beside her ear as I held her frightened, shaking body closer to me, so close that I could hear her hammering heartbeats. 

"I-I've gone through a lot and I understand" Selena answered with tears producing in her hazel eyes as she held eye contact. Those eyes I've grown to love over this time, those eyes that changed me for the good, those eyes that hypnotize me every time they meet my own, brown once. 

My mom always warned me about drugs and bad addictions, different kinds of fetish's but never about those with brown hair and hazel eyes. The drug I've grown to addict, the girl that became my fetish. 
 Selena  King is, or should I say was your normal teenage girl. Everything in her life changed as soon as Robin McAdam came into her life and before one of her most important people to her made her go through her first heartbreak at the same time her mom was fighting for her life. She wasn't the most popular in her high school, she had her 3 closest friend and that was enough for her, and of course her family that included her mom and her little brother Jack. 
 Robin McAdam is the towns most feared guy second in place is his best friend, the only one he trusted, James Xavier. He's  done unforgettable thing in his 19 years on earth but that didn't stop him from getting what he wanted which is 'her', Selena King.  Nothing will stop him from getting her,  ever. 
Everyone have a desire, of course doesn't people always get it, however they fight for it and if you fight hard enough I will guarantee that you will get what you deserve. Some people desire things while others desire other people, in our world the part with desiring other people is called love and that's what my story is about. To fight for what you love and never give up no matter what and trust me when I say this but, it's worth it.

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