First One

First One

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Tabarek Farhod By TabarekFarhod Updated Jun 18, 2017

"I will always come to you. You're my first priority, my girl. My first one." I said and hugged her, securing my arms around her body, pulling her closer. Her touch made my heartbeat against my chest, giving butterflies go wild within my stomach. 

As I was a child, my mother used to warn me about the drugs sold in the streets and deadly addictions. But never did she mention how love could be so addicting, the feeling your heart get just by a touch or a smile. With my high school year, I got to experience the feeling of love and now, I'm more addicted, more than any sniff of a powder could ever accomplish. She grew to be my fetish. The first girl for me. My First One. 


Selena King is your ordinary high school girl with a couple friends and a small family. Her aim towards high school is to keep her head held up high, minding her own business. But when her life goes down a steep hill, will she ever be able to climb back up again? With help of her friend and little brother on top of that the bad boy is giving her a helping hand, will she make herself go back to the girl she once was?  
The bad boy who acts on impulse, danger going through his blood and would handedly dismantle anybody who stands in his way. His eyes seen a lot not all of it pleasant, all damage made by his knuckles and rage that is building inside him, blocking the vision for kindness. Never trusted love or had belief in it -will soon change. 

When he want to help Selena with all the grief she is going through, helping her carry the baggage that no other person should entail. He find himself falling in love with her as she secretly does the same.  

Follow the story involving the love between Selena and Robin, the roller coaster of cliché moments and unforgettable situations.


(#1 Book Of The Dramatic Love Series)
Highest Ranking #97 In TeenFiction - 14/2/17

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MysteryFades MysteryFades Mar 25, 2017
Right, because hate and judgement was born with this generation. Lets pretend that before now, everyone was happy and accepting of everyone.
MysteryFades MysteryFades Mar 25, 2017
Yes!!!!! Whose business is it if a girl likes makeup or revealing clothes or sex? Girls should be allowed to like sex as much as a guy without being judged.
yasfer03 yasfer03 Mar 10, 2017
Why can't Alex and Xavier be gay, and they can be together I SHIP THAT SO HARD
yasfer03 yasfer03 Mar 10, 2017
Girl what the hell were you doing with that window....🤦🏼‍♀️ #stopwindowabuse
littlesqueak123me littlesqueak123me May 24, 2017
not to be a smart ass but....Your saying "EVERY" word in this story is yours. I think not darling..Im sorry I had to LOL.
yasfer03 yasfer03 Mar 10, 2017
The only sound you will hear is your screams when I slice your dick off in pieces