SerVamp Smut/ Fluff Book (Yaoi)

SerVamp Smut/ Fluff Book (Yaoi)

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It's all here, you can even suggest some couples. (it's all gaaaaayyy) (At the top are some of my couples)

(Officially struck by my inner fangirl)

Slothsleepyash . We all need to be in a sea of holy water. But i dont see one....all i see for yards is smut
Dayum... I just thought of the song 'Shut up and sleep with me'
*puts phone down slowly* Let my nose stop bleeding first, then I'll continue...
Well, we have the sadists *points to Lawless and Kuro* and then we have the... victims of this whole ordeal who were just trying to have a good time but will ultimately submit to the sadists *points to Mahiru and Licht*
Damn, an hour? My lazy mess would have taken over already, and I'd already be sleeping.
I don't it matters... as long we get the yaoi... it don't matter who dafuq is watching...