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thenataliagrace By thenataliagrace Updated Nov 07

They say that nothing tastes more bitter than regret. 

They were wrong. 

Regret does not just leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth. It robs you senseless, tormenting you day and night with a plethora of what ifs and what could have beens. And no matter how much you want to, you could no longer turn back time. You can only live with the consequences of disregarding the chances you could have taken.

Like I did.

oh is it crying time again? Kayanin ko ba to? Di pa ko nakakarecover sa For Your Eyes Only.
You'd think he'd recognize her face? Or has he not seen Pepe before
Antukin28 Antukin28 Sep 17
okey..this got me...grabee ang tagal nila magkita laki na ni Thirdy! wehehe!
Diyos ko..sinasabi ko na nga ba na dapat iready ko ung heart ko eh..umpisa pa lang natetension na ako sa pagkikita nila...😨😢
Wait lng! Handa b ko?! Msasaktan yata ako. Huhu. Pro kkapit ako
Oh snap! No wonder the whole time I was reading my heart is ripping apart slowly. Tangina. Huhuhuhu I'm so looking forward fpr the next chapters. This is interesting mmm hmmmmm hehehe