The Stranger I Bumped Into ✔️

The Stranger I Bumped Into ✔️

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~ one day you'll meet someone who doesn't care about your past because they want to be with you in your future ~

I bump into a wall, well what I thought was a wall. Hands go out to steady me before I fall and I look up to find a pair of amazing brown eyes. I step back and mumble a 'sorry' before walking past him. But before I can go another step, he grabs onto my arm and spins me around. 

"Why's a pretty lady like you trying to run away from me?" He asks with a cocky smirk. 

I give an exasperated sigh and try to snatch my arm away. Keyword, try. 

"Look, I have to go okay so can you let go?" I say, trying to say it as nicely as possible. 

He pretends to think about it for a second before giving me a grin. "Only if you promise me that the next time I see you, me and you will go on a date." He says. 

Like I'll ever see him again. 

"Ok fine, I promise." I say quickly and he lets go of my arm. I had promised him that I would go on a date if I ever saw him again. I always keep my promises and this was no exception

Let's just hope this promise doesn't come back to bite me in the ass. 


On Lauren's quest to get out of the mall ASAP, she made a promise which she thought she wouldn't have to fulfill. Well, she thought wrong. Lauren's life was simple, almost like a routine. She had everything she wanted and needed. Lauren hasn't had any bumps in the road. Will Noah be her first?

Noah is too cocky for his own good. Despite this, he isn't who people think he is. People put labels on each other. Noah isn't what he's been labeled as, a player. He has a troubled past just waiting to be uncovered. Will it be uncovered by the right person or not?


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