Through Blood and Heart || bp & tw

Through Blood and Heart || bp & tw

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G A B B I By pikachewyy Updated Dec 28, 2017

TWICE is formed by JYP Entertainment and has 9 members and coincidentally they are all sisters.
So may right...
They were just a simple living girls before but had a problem in their family. They decided to continue and show their talents then now, They are TWICE.
They all have good values even though their parents was not there to support them.

Blackpink was formed by YG Entertainment and their situation is like TWICE, all sisters and ad a problem in their family. They live a happy life and wanted to reach their dreams and they hit the goal! 

But isn't that too coincidence that the have a broken family and has the same dreams and also each band are sisters/

  • blackpink
  • chaeyoung
  • dahyun
  • jenni
  • jennie
  • jihyo
  • jisoo
  • jungyeon
  • lisa
  • mina
  • momo
  • nayeon
  • rose
  • sana
  • twice
  • tzuyu
angelheaven_225 angelheaven_225 Nov 19, 2017
I kinda grew up without a mom since my parents broke up when I was young, the saddest part about my miserable life is I knew why.
Mariellech12064 Mariellech12064 May 05, 2017
                              I very like a story that twice and blackpink are sisters..
                              Thanks to you..
angelheaven_225 angelheaven_225 Nov 19, 2017
That's a lot of commitment as a parent, I mean 9 daughters? 9?! I can't even look after my sister without her banging her head to our closet or her falling to the ground. I can't handle my own siter. SITER. That's just 1. But 9, hell nah...
angelheaven_225 angelheaven_225 Nov 19, 2017
Hmm.. Let me see it was happy then sad, then depressing then happy, then to said, then heartbreak, and more depressing..... 
                              It's amazing, I love it!
Cassandra_Shaine Cassandra_Shaine Apr 01, 2017
Me to i have a trauma, i grow up without a dad since i was in my Mother's womb...
XX-Tzukook69-XX XX-Tzukook69-XX Jul 29, 2017
Real good but emotionally too but the father part reminds me off my mother