glutinous ❇ nct dream [EDITING]

glutinous ❇ nct dream [EDITING]

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flaw By flawlings Updated Jul 10, 2017

the sight of seven boys appeared as my bubble gum popped out.

'did my eyes go wrong or is it the real nct dream standing infront of me' I whispered inside my head

... and they smiled.

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Funny story. I once touched a cigarette and thought I was going to die so I went to sleep so if I did die, it would be peaceful. I was 6.
moon_starry moon_starry Apr 18, 2017
Why does this reminds me of dino and his spoon in a different story???
flawlings flawlings Sep 17, 2016
revision : at least you remember my name after making me suffered for a semester
flawlings flawlings Sep 20, 2016
awww leen u read ma stori at last. Watch @harhar-leen