K-POP One Shots [CLOSED]

K-POP One Shots [CLOSED]

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AJ By JazzyTheNinjaPanda Updated Dec 30, 2013

This collection features written stories for various K-POP idols! Each one shot is a reader insert usually made from little plot bunnies running around in my head. I do accept requests for any male idol, so feel free to leave a comment asking to see a certain person (so long as I'm open)! I don't do yuri/ships. Come take a look and fulfill all of your fangirl fantasies~


I do not own any of the idols/characters portrayed in this one shot collections. I also do not own the main OC (who is the reader, so that'll be kind of weird). Any images used throughout the chapters (including the ones used to make the cover) do not belong to me as well. All credit goes to their respective owners.
However, I do own the plot lines for all of my stories unless stated otherwise. Some one shots are inspired by songs, music videos, dramas, real events, etc.
Please do not copy/translate/take/print/save/repost or plagiarize in any shape or form.  I worked hard on writing these one shots, so please respect me as an author. Not only is plagiarism disrespectful, it is a CRIME. Immediate action WILL be taken and I WILL find you.

winnerrubiks winnerrubiks Apr 22, 2014
Hello! Would you please write me one with EXO k's kai? My name is Lee Sehyun.
nico_bbc nico_bbc Aug 25, 2013
hello! do you think you could write me of Ukwon from Block B? You should hear their songs! it is awesome!! :D
JazzyTheNinjaPanda JazzyTheNinjaPanda Jul 12, 2013
@vanneymei I'd appreciate it if you were to request in a polite manner instead of demanding it next time...
                              Also, as much as I love Yongseo, I don't do celeb-to-celeb oneshots. Only Idol-to-Reader oneshots. I'm sorry.
JazzyTheNinjaPanda JazzyTheNinjaPanda Jul 03, 2013
@MyHeartSaysItsDongho Sure thing! But I use ____ to represent the female's name in all of my oneshots. I want everyone to imagine themselves in the oneshot and not restrict themselves to one name. I hope you understand. But I will accept your request under that condition :)
FlyWithMeToNeverland FlyWithMeToNeverland Jul 01, 2013
can you write a one shot about u-kiss main character is dongho and me min seul :))) thank you :))<3
JazzyTheNinjaPanda JazzyTheNinjaPanda Jun 24, 2013
@imstillalivenonfire I'm sorry but I don't understand your request o.o Do you mean you want them both in one request?