SΔ∇IΠG UΠҜΠΩШΠ <   |ON HOLD| мyѕтιc мeѕѕenger

SΔ∇IΠG UΠҜΠΩШΠ < |ON HOLD| мyѕтιc мeѕѕenger

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"What kind of monster shows love to a human?!"

At this point, I was finished with the man in front of me. All feelings towards him turned into anguish and betrayal. His mint green eyes were staring back as I searched into them to find a void of emotion. The expression on his face contorted to a sinister smile, as if someone forced him.

"A monster who's too selfish and takes her away to paradise."

Everything was dark as a white noise made its way towards my ears.

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airships airships May 26
im freaking out about 'the lol' just as much as the next guy, but i bet this kid has internet lingo flash cards by his side and is still completely confused whilst reading them haha
No! No my darling no! I-I'm can't. I can never hurt you cause...... 
                              I am M! So so will have S not M. 😡
*looks around* what cutie i dont see a cutie i dont even see any oranges
                              Hmm.... *nods head ina understanding way* After all this is WE, THE MC, we are talking about this much comments are just....
*Excalibur comes out of now where*
                              Unknown: what the fúck is that
                              Me: hoe don't do it 
                              Excalibur: well,  it all started 
                              Me: oh my god
airships airships May 26
well, that my friend, is the scent of My Crippling Anxiety™️