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Hetalia X Reader: Little Miss Cyber

Hetalia X Reader: Little Miss Cyber

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BlueTimeFly By BlueTimeFly Updated Apr 22

When your parents were offered a once in a lifetime chance to send you to a high school and act as a 'test subject' they couldn't deny it, because you were promised free admission to any university of your choice and this way your parents knew they could afford giving you the chance to further your education.However there was a 'minor' catch to this deal, you will be sent out of your country of birth and to a boarding school that literally owns its own island and doesn't identify with any country in the world; this island isn't recognised on maps or on the Internet and is only called The International Seas, which is the named after the super secretive boarding school. But the real catch is that your going to be the only female on that island, due to the school being a boys only boarding school and all the staff are male as well.The school is made up of boys from all around the world who were hand chosen from birth to be an 'ideal' representation of their country once they had graduated training on the island; the aim was achieve world peace. However lately the staff have realised that there was a minor design fault in the education program; the boys haven't been exposed to a feminine presents since they left their families and countries when they were five, which means they are slightly afraid, overly fascinated and or unaware of the habits of the opposite gender. This is why they searched the globe for a girl within the same age as them and completely socially awkward and introverted to use as an easy introduction for the boys to learn about females. You were just the thing they were looking for, your clumsy, introverted, shyness and intellectual level was perfect for the position; knowing that you would ignore them and wouldn't cause a threat to the health of boys.Your had built your own social media empire and ruled it under the alias Little Miss Cyber, but this is the most import secret you have and would never plan to revile it to anyone.

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_Sigire_ _Sigire_ Apr 17
Not really for me, my female friends have told me that they never know if I'm on my period or not.
Hayhay6902 Hayhay6902 Apr 12
I just facepalmed really hard and I have a sunburn on my face! This is seriously like me tbh
me: Wow good job Opaque
                              Opaque: HEY IM NOT PERFECT!
                              me: well ture
I got info on all countries heights and I'm only taller than Sealand(he is 4ft 3").....I'm only half an inch shorter than Latvia (he is 4ft 7")
Hayhay6902 Hayhay6902 Apr 12
lol I was dying! I'm and awkward human like (y/n) but I would have just laughed