My own human girlxgirl

My own human girlxgirl

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Arizona Tape By ArizonaTape Updated Nov 04

" The world I know has always existed out of vampires. We have been here in the past, the present and we'll be here in the future. We are not what you think we are. We are not blood thirsty, we don't transform in bats when we flee a scene, we don't burn or glitter in the sun and we don't drink each others blood."

Adrianna is a 265 year young vampire, living in the world after the human race went extinct centuries ago. One day she finds the impossible, namely a human girl, Heather.

Humans have been extinct for 10 millennium, so you can only imagine her excitement and surprise. 

Double that when Adrianna finds herself falling for the human girl.

Now how could this possibly end well?

KleinStory KleinStory Nov 30
Is this a book for rants about Twilight or what? 🤔 I'm starting to think that it is. 😐
KleinStory KleinStory Nov 30
                              Finally we can inline comment on PC. It's great I just had to comment on a random book to test it out.
*pours bleach all over this paragraph* *yells* BLEACH FOR SELL GETCHA BLEACH 'ERE
videlmc98 videlmc98 Nov 06
Why a blood transfusion, I'm guessing the drink, just made something she had worse...
First time a Vampire book which says vampires dont drink blood. WHAT
Dontknownow Dontknownow Oct 15
Now we know how a bird feels when you grab them just because that's so cute ... :3 :(