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My own human girlxgirl

My own human girlxgirl

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Arizona Tape By ArizonaTape Updated Mar 19

Adrianna is a 265-year young vampire, living in the world after the human race went extinct centuries ago. One day she finds the impossible, namely a human girl, Heather.

Humans have been extinct for 10 millennium, so you can only imagine her excitement and surprise. Double that surprise when Adrianna finds herself falling for the human girl.

Now how could this possibly end well?

My own human is a book about two people, that on all accounts, don't make a good match. Adrianna is a science-loving vampire, who has a lifespan of more than 1000 years. She isolates herself in her books and her home, hoping to find the answers there. She spends her time looking into history and so forgets about the present or even the future. 

On one of her walks, she stumbles upon a mysterious girl. That girl is Heather. A young adult who loves venturing out in the unknown forests in a world that isn't hers. Heather likes animals, has a knack for sarcasm and never considered falling in love with a woman. She is just a regular human being, afraid of nothing, except for vampires. As luck will have it, that is exactly what she found. Or what found her.

Even as they annoy each other endlessly, an unlikely romance blossoms up between them, that in every way, becomes as human as it gets.

The two women, trapped in worlds too small to fit them both, try to find a way that will allow them to stay together.

So how do a vampire and a human build a relationship? And what has Heather been hiding from Adrianna all this time?

...but that's the whole foundation on which vampirism stands........
i can't stop laughing. beautiful opening if i do say so myself
Kamrynnx Kamrynnx Feb 23
same but i fall asleep with my phone near my face and not my head in a book.
KleinStory KleinStory Nov 30, 2016
Is this a book for rants about Twilight or what? 🤔 I'm starting to think that it is. 😐
Kamrynnx Kamrynnx Feb 22
lmao, twilight was my favorite book back in 2013 😊 admittedly, it still is. Meyers was an extraordinary author. The movie is what ruined everyone's views of it :3
KleinStory KleinStory Nov 30, 2016
                              Finally we can inline comment on PC. It's great I just had to comment on a random book to test it out.