Unpredictable [1] (Seer Series)

Unpredictable [1] (Seer Series)

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Michelle By Chell-P Completed

Paige Williams works for Torchwood and is about to get a suprise vist from her brother and his fiance along with a certain Doctor. Later she finds out she's is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, with the Doctors help she has to choose what she wants to be. Starts from the sixth episode of season 5 and onwards. Doctor Who belongs to Steven Moffat and the BBC. 

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Cover made by  @AverySummers .


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supergirl721aj supergirl721aj Jul 18, 2017
great, just what we need! Can't you see we already have enough work to do Doctor?
Dnae_kaz2y5 Dnae_kaz2y5 Mar 13, 2017
I am very honored. Its not everyday your name gets used in a book. GO THE PAIGE'S!!!
GarrowayGirl GarrowayGirl Jan 18, 2017
Is this the same Paige as the one in the Torchwood book or is it an AU version? @StarGirl234
PhantomOfBooks PhantomOfBooks Aug 04, 2016
Has no one commented how cleverly the word "pond" was used here?!
TheDoctorsJenny TheDoctorsJenny Apr 06, 2016
So StarGirl234, thank you for writing such an amazing story! It will be in my heart, and the hearts of others for the days to come!