Kiss And Tell [BoyXBoy]

Kiss And Tell [BoyXBoy]

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When Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce The Veil finally reunite during the Warped Tour of 2016, their friendship is stronger than ever. Everything feels perfect. It seems like nothing could ever get in the way of the two bands having the time of their lives and enjoying each day of the summer.

Except for one person.

And that one person can ruin everything with the unhooking of a belt.

[WARNING: Contains strong language, rape, sex and mentions of suicide]

Angelstarforever Angelstarforever Sep 20, 2016
Botdf is my go to band when I need to scare someone with music 
                              Aw man
FaeMonroe FaeMonroe Jan 23
The story barely started and people are already slagging off BOTDF 😂😂👌🏻
G_note_ G_note_ Feb 12
I hate the word "groped." It sounds like a 70 year old porn star
FaeMonroe FaeMonroe Jan 23
Jayy was the only person who kept their music decent, BOTDF is going doooooown
UnicornFuentes UnicornFuentes 4 days ago
On the last book I wrote, I put warnings on it like you did here. But it still got reported and taken down lol
UnicornFuentes UnicornFuentes 4 days ago
I'm trying not to spam (I'm failing) but did anyone see on the APMAs where his wife/ girlfriend/mom started crying?