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Silent Scream (Creepypasta x Reader)

Silent Scream (Creepypasta x Reader)

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Melody_Tune _Remix By Melody_Tune Updated Jan 22

Once upon a.. WAIT!! No, no, no! That's a wrong story :P
      There was a girl name (Y/n). (Y/n) has been upset with her parent for a while. Of course like normal parents would like is a perfect princess daughter. (Straight A's, A tidy room, ect.). (Y/n) was like a doll to them. (Y/n) always want to speak out and be who herself is, a Goth.  Yet at school she would get bully for it. But she just ignore it. One day, (Y/n) had enough of pain and emotion with her parents and murder them. She then ran into the woods where there was her secret hideout, and that day she found her new family.
      I'm not the owner of any pictures or song!

I had to reread the last sentence bc I thought "YET" was "YEET"
Well this is my second time Reading this and it is  good dook
I love this song now never heard it before but Am gonna listen to it 😉
A giant skittle eating the sun!
                              XD what is wrong with me? XD
DaniLucille DaniLucille Mar 04
Sorry to be that person, but it's "you're" in "you're going to be late"
                              Try to remember it's just "you" and "are" put together, maybe that'll help?
I love anna_blue she's good. I also liked the song it was nice and it sounds like my life. What I noticed was (I watched the video before)it looked like you wrote the story like the story in the video but add your little features. It's a good story by the way