Harry Potter Facebook Chats

Harry Potter Facebook Chats

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Chipped Cups and Chipped Dreams By Alana_Laufeyson Updated Mar 12, 2015

Welcome to Harry Potter Facebook Chats. Here you will find hilarious conversations between beloved Harry Potter characters!
Most of these I made up but some of them I found on the internet. For those I did not create, all rights go to their original creators. 

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This story has been translated into German. You can read it at this link: http://www.wattpad.com/story/9581654-harry-potter-facebook-chats-german-translation

Zoily_Bear Zoily_Bear May 16, 2017
Wait I just realized something.. okay for those who have read the cursed child..
                              Wouldn't Scorpius have no nose if he was actually Voldemort's son? Yes? No?
Kjerstimya Kjerstimya Jun 12, 2017
He called her hot stuff....hot stuff....my baby Hermione are you not going to react to that insult??
Kjerstimya Kjerstimya Jun 12, 2017
Again, how is asking to eat at the exact same crouded place you eat every day romantic in any way?
                              HAS THE SEVENTH RING OF HELL FROZEN OVER?
                              IS THE WORLD GOING TO END?
                              WHAT IS THIS???